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Floorcloth Designs of New England:
Littleton, MA

Example Floorcloth Dinning Area Rug Example Floorcloth Area Family Rug

Handcrafted Floorcloth and Hand Painted Floorcloth Rugs, Runners and Mats

Choose from a wide selection of unique custom hand painted and hancrafted canvas floorcloth rugs, runners, mats, placemats, floor and table runners, and coasters. I specialize in floorcloth patterns from historical homes, traditional designs, country folk art, and primitive designs that can greatly enhance any home. Most floor cloth rugs contain stencil design patterns painted on a durable canvas and a durable finish.

Custom orders are my specialty. Additionally, all stock designs can be color customized, and many custom sizes. I can create a floorcloth as small as 2 feet in width, to as large as 9 feet in width, without seaming; there is no limitation on floorcloth length.

Painted canvases are thought to have originated in France in the 1400s in the form of tapestries, wall hangings and table runners. The English and Americans adopted the art form and extended its application to rolled canvases as floor covering.

Painted flooring preceded rolled canvases on the floor, which were rarely available to anyone but the wealthy until the early 1800s. The use of rolled canvases was both decorative and utilitarian. Affluent Americans like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Peter Faneui! are known to have imported their rolled canvases from England. The value of these floorcloths is attested to by their inclusion in estate inventories and public auctions.

About this time, rolled canvases came to be known as floorcloths, although many were called oilcloths. Many of the early rolled canvases were a solid color, usually green. If there was a design, it was generally "repetitive geometric" which was meant to imitate expensive marble or Turkish carpets. The majority of these floorcloths were created by using stencils.

Currently, most new custom Floorcloth can be completed in 30 days.

Your inquiries are welcome...1-508-254-1529.

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